AB 705

​WHAT IS AB-705?

AB705 Infographic for students

Placement into your English and Math courses will now be based on one or more of the following: 
  • High school transcripts
  • High school grades
  • High school GPA
  • EVC Self-Guided Placement Tool

Everyone can now enroll directly into transfer-level courses.

Students now have the right to enroll in transfer-level courses without having to take extra classes! 

Research shows your high school GPA is the best predictor of how you will do in your college classes.

Students are 2-3 times more likely to complete transfer-level courses with AB-705 implementation. 

The amount of time students should take to complete their English and Math courses is 1 year. 

The amount of time ESL students should take to complete their transfer-level courses is 3 years.

You can get extra help in your English and Math courses through:

  • English support classes: ENG-105, ENG-1L
  • EVC Campus Tutoring for English courses
  • Math and Science Resource Center
  • Embedded tutors in your classroom
  • EVC workshops
  • 咨询
  • 早期预警 & Intervention/Follow Up Team
  • and many other wrap-around support programs and services

How will EVC help me pass my English and Math classes?

While enrolled in transfer-level courses you will get extra support to help you pass your class. Embedded tutors will join your English and Math class to give you extra help during and after class! EVC also offers
support courses(extra class time and units to develop Math and
English skills).



you can do it!

Students will now complete their goals faster! 

Evergreen Valley College is committed to helping you complete transfer-level English & Math in your first year!

We want to ensure students have the best chance at graduating and transferring!

interesting Ab-705 facts

You are far more
likely to pass transfer level
Math and English if you start at or near transfer-level.

Your transcripts are
the best predictor of
your likelihood to succeed at transfer level courses.

Skipping remedial courses gives students of color a higher chance of graduating,
especially LatinX and Black students.

At colleges that have
already made changes required by AB-705, students' completion of transfer-level Math and English has increased significantly.

Students now have the right to enroll in transfer-level classes
when they start at EVC.

All students, even returning adults, have higher completion
rates when they enroll directly into transfer-level Math, with support systems.

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